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Si-Go with TRN, silver and gold long range locator.

This portable locator has been very popular with Treasure Hunters and Prospectors. Great for small caches, nugget shooting, dredging, beach hunting, plus much more. Click here for more info.


Mini Eliminator II
Mini Eliminator II, variable frequency long range locator.

This versatile locator has been very popular for every type of Treasure Hunting. The variable frequency allows the operator many options. The MINI II will fit your needs! Click here for more info.


PDF-1000. Precision Driven Frequency. PDF-1000, precision driven frequency treasure locator.

Exclusive features found only on the PDF-1000 allow you to quickly set-up and search an area for up to 10 miles in all directions and 200 feet in depth. If a target is present, you will know immediately. Click here for more info.


Millennium 2000 Millennium-2000, long range locator.

The Millennium-2000 is an extremely accurate locator developed for finding LONG TIME BURIED TARGETS. Through years of testing, we have now built features into this easy to use machine found on no other long range locator. The KEYS to locating and pinpointing caches have now been solved. Click here for more info.


Treasure TrailBlazer The Treasure TrailBlazer with auto track has extremely advanced technology.

Extremely advanced technology and simplicity of use, make this locator a favorite for every endeavor. Set-up the locator in seconds and you are searching at a high level of built-in precision for whatever your target is. Click here for more info.


Treasure Navigator The Treasure Navigator is the ultimate long range locator.

The Treasure Navigator is our top of the line Long Range Locator (LRL). Years of testing, research and development have made this locator the most desirable LRL world wide. Reports of treasures being found while using the Navigator have clients contacting us on a daily basis. Click here for more info.


Maxi Pulse 5000 The Maxi-Pulse 5000 is a deepseeking, pinpointing treasure locator that works well in caves.

The MAXI PULSE 5000 is a very versatile, portable pulse induction locator. Where other locators fail because of salts, minerals and many other conditions, this small but powerful locator finds the TREASURE TARGETS. In recent field tests the MAXI out performed other deepseeking locators costing as much as six times the amount of the MAXI PULSE. Click here for more info.

Maxi Pulse 5000 PLUS Maxi-Pulse Plus, extreme deepseeking treasure locator.

The MAXI PULSE PLUS has all the features of the MAXI 5000 plus more! Controls have been cut down to just one switch (on/off) and one 10-turn adjust knob. The transmitter houses a rechargeable battery, allowing for many hours of use. Click here for more info.

Mother Load Locator The Mother Load Locator is a ground penetrating surveyor.

Locate Treasures, Gold Veins, Caves. Find what the old timers missed. In many cases they missed large deposits of gold or silver just a few feet from where they worked. Many treasures have been walked away from in the same manner. Now come back to these locations and cash in. Click here for more info.

PPL Treasure Finder The PPL Treasure Finder is a long range locator.

The PPL - TREASURE FINDER is the most versatile treasure locator on the market today. The applications and simplicity of use make it extremely desirable. The Treasure Finder utilizes a "no bearing" design which eliminates false targets, wind and other problems such as hot rocks and mineralization. Click here for more info.

The Raven The Raven is a long range VLF receiver.

The Raven is the latest technology in the pursuit of Long Range Locators. The Raven is an electronic RECEIVER ONLY that detects undisturbed resonant frequencies that the locator is precisely tuned to. Click here for more info.

Thunder Stick The Thunderstick is a long range locator.

The Thunder Stick is a totally "new innovative approach" to long range locating. The transmitter derives it's power from natural earth energy. Simply place the Thunder Stick into the ground and it starts transmitting immediately. Click here for more info.

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