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These are just a few of the letters that we have received from satisfied customers. Our locators are tested and used worldwide by successful treasure hunters and prospectors.

Typical Small Cache

"Typical Cache"
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I bought just about every locator on the market and was ready to give up on treasure hunting. This is when I found "Fitzgerald’s". I can’t say enough about their locators and product support! Just one good find allows a person to follow his life long dream and quit his daily job and a life of going nowhere.

Thank you Fitzgerald’s,
G. Walter,
Worldwide Treasure Hunter

Just to let people know that I have treasure hunted for over 20 years. When I started I purchased locators from many vendors. After buying the PDF-1000 and PPL-Treasure Finder from Fitzgerald, I went back to the locations that I had searched before. The "other" locators said that there was nothing there. Guess What? I recovered enough treasure to pay for the PDF and PPL with treasure left over. Why do I use Fitzgerald’s locators? Because they work! Instead of being a Treasure Hunter, I now am a Treasure Recoverer!

R. Reiher

Gold Nuggets

"Gold Nuggets"
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I went to Fitzgerald’s for a demonstration of the PDF-1000. I was astounded at Fitzgerald’s knowledge and expertise in the field of Long Range Locators and his tireless efforts to make every available aspect of Long Range Locating clear and concise to every level of expertise. After personally using most of the Long Range Locators on the market today, it appears to me that their locators out-perform them all.

Dale Howe 1933 - 2000

K. Betcher writes to say: "Thank You for taking time to find the locator to fit my specific needs. Without Fitzgerald’s superior products, support and training, I would have been lost. Instead, I can go out into the field and if a treasure is there, I will always make a recovery! I highly recommend Fitzgerald’s to anybody searching for treasure or prospecting. To sum it up, VectorTrek / Fitzgerald’s are field testing, locator inventing, product improving geniuses!!!"

I have purchased locators and hired Fitzgerald for Search & Recovery here in Canada. Their products and services are second to none. Fitzgerald’s is a wealth of information on Treasure Recovery, so much that it blows my mind!

C. Turner

Fitzgerald’s locators, service and product support is the final word in Treasure Recovery. I’m only sorry that it took 20 years and thousands of wasted dollars before I found them. You can’t go wrong with this professional company.

B. Kveton

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure to work with Fitzgerald’s and their locators. I must say that they take Treasure Hunting very seriously. Observing methods used in a recent search can only be described as a pure art form. They leave "no doubt" that you have got your monies worth. Their locators, training and product support are second to none. I seriously doubt that you will find a company with the knowledge base that they have shown.

Note: During a recent prospecting trip in Alaska, I was showing a friend the PPL-Treasure Finder. Upon showing him the basics of the locator, he tracked out and found his largest ever Alaskan gold nugget! "Not bad for a beginner!"

D. Steiner

Fitzgerald’s PPL-Treasure Finder is light years ahead of any Long Range Locator I have used in the last 30+ years. Using the PPL-TF, I have recovered more gold in the last three years than I have recovered in the previous 27 years using any other Long Range Locator. When Fitzgerald’s sold me the PPP-TF, they told me the proper techniques that they also use to recover gold, and the rest was up to me. I really don’t care how it works and the scientific principles or theories behind it. My interests are that I can use a combination of good common sense, proven recovery techniques, and the PPL-TF’s excellent locating and pinpointing capabilities.

L. Stier

Del Harrison, president of Bendel Mining Company Ltd. in Ghana, West Africa says, "I am writing you in regard to the Mini-Eliminator which we purchased last winter for the purpose of finding gold deposits on our concessions in Ghana. We are happy to report that in every case where field maps indicated there should be a zone of gold embedded quartz, we were able to locate it with your machine. Most of the reefs were at a depth of more than 20 feet. We are using this machine exclusively in our operations here. Many thanks for making such a valuable tool available to us.

Larry Miller found an impressive array of beautiful gold nuggets with a combination of the Mini-Eliminator and a 4-inch gold dredge. The Mini Eliminator was used to pinpoint the location of the gold and the dredge was then used to recover the gold. The gold was traced from a considerable distance and then recovered quickly with the dredge. Looking for a way to find more gold in less time? Well, as you can see, the Mini Eliminator can help you do just that! And Larry says, "This is for all the non-believers out there!"

Fitzgerald / VectorTrek Locators are simply the finest LRL’s made worldwide. I’ve tried many of the locators that I found on the Internet and other places. What a waste of time and money! I then got my hands on a Millennium 2000 and finally a Treasure Navigator. The results were astonishing! These locators are very professional units, made by professional treasure hunters. I highly recommend this product line.

F. Davis

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